Pumpkin Sunflower seed Miso bowl

I use miso paste a lot in my cooking..some of you might be wondering what is that dark paste found in health food supermarkets? Miso is a traditional Japanese food and it means “fermented beans”. It is produced by the fermentation of soybeans and sometimes also grains  (usually rice or barley), together with “koji”, which…… Continue reading Pumpkin Sunflower seed Miso bowl

Roasted Pumpkin w/ tahini sauce

It’s October…which means it’s pumpkin season! Here in Italy you see pumpkins all the time during this month, but mostly for culinary purposes. Halloween is not celebrated as much as in the US so pumpkin decorations are seen less of here. Pumpkins here are mostly used for risotto or soups. I love pumpkin, it’s a comfort…… Continue reading Roasted Pumpkin w/ tahini sauce