Goji Berry & Ginger Lemonade

Homemade lemonade…so much better than the supermarket bought one. This recipe is actually from the blog “mynewroots” (link here), which I love and get a lot of inspiration from her. Keeping it simple, here is how you make this really refreshing, summer drink, full of wonderful benefits. • INGREDIENTS • → 1/4 cup (4 Tbls) Goji…… Continue reading Goji Berry & Ginger Lemonade

Superfood Goji Berries

Another small reasearch on goji berry, a great superfood with many hidden properties… SUPERFOOD BERRIES  Berries, in Italian are called “wood fruits”; they give us multiple incredible health benefits. Generally they are all antioxidants, anti inflammatory, help cardiovascular issues, eye health and neurological system support. For these reasons they are considered Beauty support foods. Some…… Continue reading Superfood Goji Berries

Coconut Granola/Muesli

I’ve been making this granola for the past few months now. Making your own granola is so much better than buying it, you know exactly what went in it and you can adjust the ingredients and sweetness to your liking. I’m not so sure you could call this a granola, it’s more of a coconut…… Continue reading Coconut Granola/Muesli