Mexican Tortilla Chips and Salsa!

A couple of days ago, some friends organized a mexican dinner, as appetizers she had made guacamole and vegan sour cream, so I decided to make some chips and a salsa to go with all.

These chips are incredible, another recipe found on the blog “Mynewroots”, they are great in taste, a good protein snack and maintain their crunchiness for 4 days!
I’ve modified the original recipe a little by adding more water. I guess it depends on the brand of the chickpea flour, so you can go with the flow and add a bit more if you think it needs it. The right consistency after you mix everything together should be something that you can roll out without it crumbling, in that case add a pinch more water.

INGREDIENTS• (for about 50 chips)
→ 250 gr chickpea flour, sifted
→ 4 tbls (1/4 cup) coconut oil, melted
→ 8 tbls warm water
→ 1 1/2 tsp salt
→ 1 tsp black pepper
→ 1 tsp baking powder

Turn oven on at 180° C / 350° F.
Sift the chickpea flour into a bowl, add the salt, black pepper, baking powder and coconut oil and mix with a spoon. Slowly add the water and start mixing with your hands, add more until you have a solid ball ready to be rolled out.
Place the dough on a baking sheet and use a rolling-pin to thin it out, if it is sticking on the roller than place another baking sheet on top and roll like that. This is the most changeling part of the whole recipe: make the dough as thin as you can, so work your muscles! *I divided my dough in two, because it wouldn’t all fit on one baking tray* Once you’ve made reached your max thinness, score with a knife into triangles, place in the oven for 13-15 min, or until golden. Let cool and break them apart.
Store in an airtight container up to 4-5 days!

Salsa is the name of any kind of sauce in Latin America. The basic salsa consists of tomatoes, onions, a herb, lime juice, lemon juice or vinegar and fresh chilies. It is served with every meal in Mexico and other Latin countries. To keep its freshness, a salsa should not be made no more than two hours before eating and all the ingredients should be very fresh. There are many different combinations of salsa (Mango and avocado salsa, three pepper salsa, jalapeno and lime salsa, pineapple and chili salsa…), but for today I will write the simple salsa cruda! (meaning raw)

→  6 red tomatoes (best are roma), seeded and diced small
→  1 medium onion (or for a more delicate taste use spring onions), finely chopped
→ 2 tbls finely chopped coriander
→ 1 green Dutch chili (they are the long chilies ), seeded and finely chopped*
→ 1/2 tsp finely chopped oregano
→ Juice of 1 lemon
→ 2 tbls of olive oil extra virgin
→ salt and black pepper to taste

Combine all the ingredients well, and serve at room temperature.

*Note: the fresh chili can be substituted by 1/2 tsp chili powder


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  1. Love this, when can we have some more recipes??

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