Foraging wild garlic


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This past weekend I spent it in my countryside house in the Piacentini hills, with some friends from uni. A pleasant way to spend the time there is to take walks in the fields, surrounded by nature. We’ve noticed in the past years lots of wild garlic in the fields, but never paid much attention to it. But every time we take a walk with someone not from the area, they always notice it! This time we actually started picking it, and when we realized it would take too much time digging with our hands we went back home, picked up 4 shovels and back to fill up two big bags of it.
The flavor and scent were so delicate and earthy. After cleaning it (which took a long time), we contemplated on what to make with it. Since it was so unique we decided first of all to keep it raw and to make a sauce adding just a few ingredients to accentuate the main one.
The result was AMAZING, we spread it on toasted bread, taralli and had it with some buffalo cheese as aperitivo….Perfect way to spend the weekend.

A few notes on garlic: native to central Asia, garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world and has been grown for over 5000 years. Today it’s used around the world for both culinary and health remedies. In fact it has cardiovascular benefits, lowering blood pressure, it’s anti inflammatory, and mostly known for it’s anti bacterial properties. It’s truly one of those Super foods.
Lots of people in Italy don’t eat garlic, some just cook with it and then throw it away before serving the dish, because they are afraid of the breath you get from eating it, or because they don’t digest it. I think Italians have a bit of phobia about it. Personally, I have no problems with it, although the day after we ate this we asked people if we smelled like garlic and some said we did, BUT we did eat A LOT of it. I don’t care that much, unless I have an important meeting I try to avoid it, especially if it’s raw. Garlic is so good, I couldn’t imagine a hummus or basil pesto without it?!

→ wild garlic (with the green ends)
→ extra virgin olive oil
→ lemon juice
→ salt & pepper

Just blend every thing in a food processor. We added about 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1/4 cup olive oil and lots of salt.
Enjoy as a spread or topping for a soup or pasta dish.



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