Green Salad for a crowd

Want to make a super speedy healthy tasty salad to bring to friends? try it out!
We ate it as an appetizer one time and as a side the next time.

Since it is all raw, use fresh ingredients, preferably organic.



•INGREDIENTS• (for 6 as a side)
→ 1 fennel bulb
→ rocket (arugula)
→ kale, baby stems and small leaves, I used the stems too→ small bunch of dill & mint
→ 3 tbls balck sesame seeds

•for the dressing•
→ 2 inch ginger, grated
→ soy sauce (tamari or shoyu)
→ rice vinegar
→ extra virgin olive oil
→salt & pepper
RATIO (soy sauce:vinegar:oil)  1:1:3

Wash everything, chop the greens and herbs roughly, slice the fennel thinly, and toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan.
Mix the dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.

Dress the salad when ready to serve.

One response to “Green Salad for a crowd”

  1. This salad is a winner, it is DELICIOUS!

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