Homemade Chili powder

Fresh chili/red peppers are on their last days here. We bought a plant of red peppers last summer and it’s done so well. I first dehydrated red peppers this past summer and was so surprised by the outcome. So much better than bought chili pepper flakes or cayenne powder. Not just the vibrant color but also the taste is more appealable. I don’t eat a lot of spicy food but I like to have a small heat now and then. Also I found out of all the benefits from eating red/chili pepper: it fights inflammation, it’s a natural pain reliever, it has cardiovascular benefits, it clears congestion, helps boost the immune system, helps lose weight and prevents stomach ulcers. So if you are not a big fan of spicy food you might want to take it in consideration now and then.

the first batch I did I used a dehydrator but the following time I used the oven and came out just as fine.red pepper 2red pepper 3red pepper 4

Buy or pick fresh red chili peppers, take the stems off, clean them and pat them dry (I had 2 cups roughly but you can do as many as you want). Now halve them and discharge the center white part with most of the seeds. Spread them on a baking oven and place in the oven slightly open for 6 hours at 50° (120 fahrenheit). Once they are completely dry, you’ll see they will shrink a lot, place them in a mortar and pest into a powder.
sprinkle onto salads, grains, beans or just eat a teaspoon for a heat boost and the listed benefits above… It really tastes different from the store-bought cayenne or chili powder, give it a try!

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