Tips to Waste Less (video)

Our society produces way too much waste. We buy mostly everything pre-packaged and consume so much plastic. Did you know that 91 % of plastic is NOT recycled??! that is crazy. And for plastic to be decomposed it takes thousand of years! Today we have microplastics in our water streams, that eventually end up being eaten by fish which then end up on our plate.

Once you see the big picture you realize how wrong it all is and see things with another eye. For example if I’m at the supermarket (nowadays a rare occasion), and I see a product in a plastic packaging, maybe with double layers of it, I immediately think I won’t buy it, even if the product itself is attracting, organic, fair trade and what not.

My friend (from school) and I, that both share this passion, decided to make a small video on tips /ideas to help REDUCE our waste. These are things that we do on a everyday basis (almost). I hope you like it, and if so, please share it so that the message gets out. Thank you xxx

3 responses to “Tips to Waste Less (video)”

  1. Rozae nichols Avatar
    Rozae nichols

    Super fun and informative video Amber! Love it so much. It’s brilliant how engaged you and your friends are in helping to create positive change for a better world. Thank you!

  2. SimonsSaysTravel Avatar

    Wow! I actually learned some new ideas! When I went to Amsterdam their recycling was way ahead of the US, that was five years ago too. Imagine now. I shared to twitter. Keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much! yes, Europe in general is much more ahead than the US! 🙂

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