Taralli (Puglia’s crackers)

In the south of Italy, to be precise in the region of Puglia, which is the heel of Italy, originate many typical italian dishes. The diet from southern italy is based on fresh vegetables, lots of olive oil, dried preserves like sun dried tomatoes and everything taste so darn good.  It is warm mostly all year round, and it is FULL of olive trees, ancient olive trees. One year we helped our friends who own a land in Puglia pick the olives from the trees which then were pressed into a deep colored, aromatic, thick olive oil. It is a time-consuming and hard job but totally rewarding…nothing like using your own extra virgin olive oil all year.

One of Puglia’s authentic foods, eaten all over Italy are the famous TARALLI. They are small crackers shaped like rings, made with wheat flour, olive oil and salt. easy. there are also varieties like the red pepper taralli or fennel seeds taralli also popular around Italy.

These crackers are always found on Aperitivo’s (cocktail time) italian tables and eaten with olives or cheese, together with a glass of wine.

I made these for the first time using chickpeas flour. It takes literally 10 minutes to make and another 20 max to bake. I was so surprised by the outcome, soo good and soo easy!

taralliMix 200 gr chickpea flour with 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp salt, 3 tbls olive oil, then gradually add water until you have liquidy batter. pour the batter into a an icing bag or just a plastic food bag and cut the tip off. make your rings onto a baking sheet and bake for 20 min. You can also try to make some bread sticks instead of the circle shape. they are great!!taralli

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