“Amazing Quinoa” video

Happy new year!! Although 2016 hasn’t been such a good year for our planet, on a personal level it has been a great year for me. I hope 2017 will bring more incredible adventures and memories.
I was in England for the holidays and had a great time. After spending christmas with relatives, I spent a week in London and it was AWESOME, I ate in such amazing places and it was a very inspirational trip….thinking about the future….

I wanted to post this video I made about Quinoa this week. It is divided in 4 chapters, and in the last part I make quinoa milk!
I’ve been very busy lately, so short story..here it is. I hope you enjoy it.

And Happy 2017!

Green Salad for a crowd

Want to make a super speedy healthy tasty salad to bring to friends? try it out!
We ate it as an appetizer one time and as a side the next time.

Since it is all raw, use fresh ingredients, preferably organic.



•INGREDIENTS• (for 6 as a side)
→ 1 fennel bulb
→ rocket (arugula)
→ kale, baby stems and small leaves, I used the stems too→ small bunch of dill & mint
→ 3 tbls balck sesame seeds

•for the dressing•
→ 2 inch ginger, grated
→ soy sauce (tamari or shoyu)
→ rice vinegar
→ extra virgin olive oil
→salt & pepper
RATIO (soy sauce:vinegar:oil)  1:1:3

Wash everything, chop the greens and herbs roughly, slice the fennel thinly, and toast the sesame seeds in a dry pan.
Mix the dressing ingredients in a jar and shake well.

Dress the salad when ready to serve.

Super creamy Pasta w/ Avocado sauce

img_5324We’ve been hit with some cold and rainy weather here in northern Italy. How best to survive it? with a lil’ Comfort food!

Ok, I admit, I shouldn’t be buying avocados in Italy, they are imported from South Africa, or South America most of the times. So sustainably speaking (and being a slow food student) it’s not the best of choices…BUT everyone does their best (at least I try to) and once in a while I allow myself, and as my chemistry teacher always says… Life is a compromise…

Anyways this pasta is so delicious and sooo creamy, It’s extremely easy and fast to make.
Note: I used nutritional yeast, which is basically flakes of yeast, very tasty and a good source of B12, so good for vegans that can’t get B12 from most plant foods. And it’s often used instead of parmesan. I sprinkle it on all sorts of things..salads, curries, veggies etc.
If you can’t find it, you can make this vegetarian by using parmesan instead.

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Simple Celery Soup

img_5232I found this beautiful celery “bouquet” at our local vegetable lady in the country and couldn’t resist.

Celery isn’t a very popular choice of vegetable usually. But it is so good for you and very versatile. If you just google celery’s benefits you will find out it’s full of antioxidants, great for anti-inflammatory, helps the digestive tract …etc.  Also, I love the natural salt content in celery, it really adds flavor to many recipes.

If you get a big celery with tons of leaves, don’t throw them away! They are great for making a pesto, or dry them and add to salt, or just add to your cooking and will give more flavor.

This soup is very healthy and very “detox” 🙂
For the croutons, I used some spelt bread: I got a slice and cubed it and toasted it in a pan (or you can do it in the oven). But any old bread can work.

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Unique Green soup w/ scented tofu sauce

First of all, don’t forget to go see Leonardo Dicaprio’s new documentary on climate change. It’s great and you can watch it for free on YouTube here. It’s an eye opener.

I found this recipe in a South American cookbook. It has very unusual recipes, many containing nuts for soups or stews, used as a thickening agent. And all come out incredible.

Great flavor and very vibrantly colored soup. We served it with chickpeas crackers, very easy to make, you can find the recipe here, and also with a tofu-mustard-dill sauce. Delicious!
I would like to point out that if you can find fresh spinach, it makes total difference. Okay, maybe it will take 30 minutes more in preparation to clean the spinach and cut the stalks…BUT you will get a better and healthier result.

INGREDIENTS• (for 4 servings)
→2 tbls olive oil
→2 medium onions, chopped
→2 red chilies, dried or fresh, seeded
→2 slices of bread (you can use any stale bread or fresh; I used a whole wheat bread, but you can use any kind), crust off and cut into cubes
→110 gr / 4oz hazelnuts
→1 liter / 2 pints vegetable broth
→450 gr / 1 lb fresh spinach
→225 gr / 8oz watercress (I used rocket since I couldn’t find watercress)
→salt and pepper

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Homemade relaxing herbal tea

I drink lots of tea, mostly herbal teas, in the morning, if I’m home during the day and always before going to bed…I’ve been thinking for a while now to start buying different types of herbs or spices and creating my own mixes of tea at home. So here is one of the first ones I made. I found this infusion recipe on an italian blog I really love, it’s called Granosalis, it’s written by a girl/photographer in Tuscany. She cooks in a very natural way, and makes a lot of homemade products, like vegetable broth powder, tomato concentrate, liquors, etc.
I love consulting her website. I also made some canned chickpeas this week, following her directions (there’s a picture at the end).
Anyways back to this herbal tea..It’s a mix of 4 different herbs and it’s a relaxant herbal tea.


→40 gr HAWTHORNE, dried, flowers
→30 gr CHAMOMILE, dried, flowers
→20 gr MELISSA, dried, leaves
→10 gr ORANGE PEEL, dried

Just mix everything together in a big bowl and store in jars or paper bags. Better if consumed before 1 year. Infuse for 10 minutes then filter. Continue reading

Salone del Gusto in Turin!

I recently started a new university south of Turin, called Gastronomic Sciences University in Pollenzo. I am super excited and love it already after one week. There are lots of foreign students from all over the world, everyone is interested in food studies, and many have previous experiences either working in restaurants, farms or some kind of food production, but want to go further and develop more knowledge and career opportunities. The Campus of the school is a Unesco site, it is situated in a SMALL town, whereas the mostly all students live in the next town over ( a 10 min drive ) called Bra.
At our lunch cafeteria we have chefs from all over the world that come and cook for us for a week. These are chefs that are renowned and often have Michelin stars. you have to book your meals online the day before so that food waste is contained.

The first week was awesome, we had orientation days, and then the big fair in Turin began: it is called SALONE DEL GUSTO – TERRA MADRE. it is a slow food fair that has place in Turin every two years. Farmers and food producers that are slow food members set up a stand to show / sell their products and offer tastings. These people come from All over the world. Also conferences and special events are organized during the whole 5 day period of the fair in various locations of the city. Continue reading