JAMU!!!! This is a drink I found out about while I was in Thailand, but it’s actually from Bali (or better from Indonesia). It is so good for you! It is considered herbal medicine and used in ayurveda a lot, it can be taken in powder or liquid. There are several types but it’s always made with roots, bark, flowers, or seeds. The one I learned is basically made with ginger, turmeric, lemon and black pepper. This drink is super anti inflammatory thanks to the ginger and turmeric root, really good for the liver, lowers bad cholesterol, anti bacterial, and so much more.
Did you know that our body assimilates turmeric’s benefits even better when paired with black pepper? πŸ™‚

The frist time I took it it really help me, I had a huge bottle so I drank a glass every day for 6-7 days and after that week my knees felt much better, more “loose”. Other people taking it said the same, they felt less achy in bones, and just more pain-free!

It’s a medicinal drink of course so don’t expect drinking the best thing taste wise, but taken cold it tastes really good, so much better than other medicinal drinks, and you can add sweetener to your taste. The recipe calls for honey, which is anti Bacterial, or use a vegan substitute, like some kind of Maple (rice, barley, etc).

Attention YELLOW STAINS: before making this,  wear an apron, plastic gloves (optional), be careful of spills on counter or wipe right away, don’t use any plastic containers to keep the jamu in. and lastly I used my immersion blender because I don’t care if it becomes yellow, but If I would have used my Vitamix it would have become a yellow lantern. Just be attentive when handling fresh turmeric.

β†’1.5 litre water
β†’200 gr fresh turmeric root
β†’200 gr fresh ginger root
β†’1 tsp black peppercorns
β†’1 cup of lemon juice
β†’honey to taste (optional)

Wash ginger and turmeric and break into chunks (don’t bother peeling them), add to a pot of 1.5 litre water and bring to a boil, then simmer for 20-25 min. Turn off and blend: if using a blender then you’ll probably need to do several batches, or use an immersion blender. Strain the liquid. Add lemon juice and honey to taste. Bottle and refrigerate. Drink in one week!


5 responses to “Jamu!”

  1. Gypsy Pulliam Avatar
    Gypsy Pulliam

    Does it stain your teeth? If so, use a straw. That might help.

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    1. Surprisingly it doesn’t stain your teeth, in fact some people use turmeric as a toothpaste becaus it is said to whiten them!

  2. Terri Pecora Avatar
    Terri Pecora

    I’m sold….will start right away! if you want , I will share my batch with you Amber

  3. Will try this for a week πŸ™‚

  4. Amber I love your new post! All your pictures look so good in the food you so well presented you have really learned a lot! Very impressive best of luck on everything honeyLove you grandpa

    Sent from my iPad Norm Pulliam


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